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FarmsX has developed a way for to buy from a specific farmer with the speed of an exchange

Have you ever wanted to know the farm where your food came from? Have you ever wanted to be able to verify the freshness of your product without the ability of the seller to change a freshness date? As a farmer, do you want to know your customers?

A simple example of how it works when you use FarmsX on the CirclesX Platform:

  • Type in “Ranch” as an example
  • Assuming you have added your labs to your profile on CirclesX, the Foodie Body Health Engine will start to optimize your search results across billions of bioinformatic samples in context of your personal bioinformatic trend.
  • If you have not added your labs to your profile, the search engine will still search based on preferences, past search results and location.
  • The more test lab data you have uploaded to your profile, the more fine tuned the search results become.
  • After a few uploads, the system can compile interactive charts so you can observe your health trends over time.

Video: How Foodie Body Works with FarmsX?

Dynamic feedback with bioinformatic labs as you eat

Using Foodie Body to help prevent Alzheimer's

Frequently Asked Questions:


How often should I update my labs in my profile?


Some customers upload new lab data as often as every 30 days, while some update their lab data every 6 – 12 months.  While the most important part is to get started, we will work with you to obtain your desired results.


Is my data private and confidential?


All systems are encrypted and HIPPA compliant.  You are the only one who can see your health data.

The health engine runs on anonymous samples to calibrate.


What is Health and Legal Blockchain?


Health and legal blockchain are patented and patent pending technologies which not only track foods from the supply source which dynamic QR codes paired with host devices to create a legal blockchain.


If I have legal questions what should I do?


If you have questions, you should speak with your own counsel, legal advisors or advisors who can give you input on how best to proceed.  CirclesX is not a medical services provider, legal advisor or financial advisor.


How does CirclesX make money?


CirclesX and our affiliates run many businesses focused on data and recovery services.  While we provide many services for free such as Foodie Body Search and Navigation, we do charge businesses for platform services and use of the exchange features.



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