Last Modified: April 14, 2020

Welcome! CirclesX provides an online marketplace (the “Platform”) for people who want to make binding, tradable commitments to pre-buy, pre-sell, or even re-sell “stuff,” which could include, for example, physical products; service offerings; the right, at specified times, to occupy space in cars, trucks, buses, trains, garages, streets, sidewalks, classrooms, power, data, advertising, weather, legal claims; and potentially lots of other things (the “Product”) .

Each transaction on the Platform is arranged by users as a private transaction between them; CirclesX is not a party to the transaction or to their commitments, but simply helps would-be buyers and sellers find each other and agree to the transaction.

CAUTION: Once a buyer and seller agree to a transaction on the Platform, they must fulfill their commitments for that transaction; if one of them doesn’t do so, then that party will likely incur legal liability and/or face consequences for its Platform user account.

All transactions found and/or arranged on the Platform are subject to these Terms of Use and to the separate agreements that are referred to here as the End User License Agreement and   Trading Platform General Terms and Conditions and in the use case of Claims as General Capacity Units, the License, Sale, Declaration and Assignment Agreement.


In case of doubt CirclesX: (i) is not a “motor carrier” and does not provide delivery- or transportation services; and (ii) is not a registered investment, legal or tax advisor or a broker/dealer. We reserve the right to limit the Platform’s availability, either in general or in specific cases.

1.0 Introduction

1.1 What is this document, and why is it

important for you to read?

1.1.1. A binding contract about the Platform itself: When you sign up for an account to use the Platform, you will have to click on a button or link that signifies your agreement to be legally bound by these Terms of Use (which we refer to for convenience as “this Agreement”). You should read this Agreement in its entirety; it includes — among other things — language that: • LIMITS OUR WARRANTIES AND OUR LIABILITY (section 3); and • REQUIRES YOU TO ARBITRATE MOST CLAIMS you might have against CirclesX and certain related parties, which means you are giving up any right you might have to a trial by jury (section 4.3).

1.1.2. Continuing effect: 1.1.2. Continuing effect: In case of doubt: You agree that this Agreement will remain in effect for the entire time that you maintain an account to use the Platform, and in the case of some provisions, even afterwards.

1.2 Who is “CirclesX” (the company)?

1.2.1. CirclesX companies: : For purposes of this Agreement, the term “CirclesX” refers to one of two companies, depending on where you are using the Platform.

(a) If you are using the Platform within the United States and its territories, then the term “CirclesX” refers to SimpsX Technologies LLC, a Delaware limited liability corporation, which has offices at 12335 Kingsride #418, Houston, Texas, 77024.

(b) If you are using the Platform elsewhere, then the term “CirclesX” refers to SimpsX Technologies Cayman Limited, with offices at Walkers, PO Box 908 GT, Walker House, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, British West Indies.

1.2.2. “We” and “us”: Sometimes this Agreement uses the terms “we” and “us” and “our”; those terms refer to CirclesX as defined above.

1.3 What are we asking you to certify, and why?

1.3.1. Effect of your certifications: When you sign up to use the Platform as a buyer or seller of “stuff,” one of the legal effects of doing so is that you will be certifying the things below; for this purpose, the term “certify” means that you declare that those things are true with the intent that we (and others) rely on your truthfulness in doing business with you.

1.3.2. Purpose of certification: Your certifications help reassure other users of the Platform that you’re an upstanding, law-abiding member of the community — just as their certifications help reassure you about them. If you cannot make these certifications honestly and fairly, you may not use the CirclesX Platform.

1.3.3. Age: You certify that you are at least 18 years old — or, if you must be even older than that to enter into a binding contract in your jurisdiction, then you certify that you are at least that old.

1.3.4. Accurate information: You certify that all registration information you have provided to us is complete and accurate in all material respects. (As just one example, any photo of yourself that you upload to the Platform must actually be of you; the photo must be reasonably recent and without significant alteration such as disguises.) If we ever have grounds to suspect otherwise, we may at our discretion suspend your access to the Platform until the issue is cleared up.

1.3.5. Corporate standing: If you are entering into this Agreement on behalf of a corporation, partnership, or other organization having its own legal existence, you certify, on its behalf, that the organization (1) has been duly formed, (2) is in good standing in all jurisdictions where it is required to be so, and (3) has all necessary legal authority and power to enter into this Agreement.

2.0 Your responsibilities

This section starts out with general rules that apply to all uses of the Platform, followed by particular rules that apply to specific use cases.

2.1 Platform-related rules

2.1.1. Changes to the Platform: We reserve the right to modify the Platform at any time, in our sole discretion.

2.1.2. Use policies: You must follow any specific policies that we post from time to time concerning particular uses of the Platform. These policies could include, for example, policies for buyers and sellers of physical goods; policies for drivers and riders who share commuting expenses; and the like. We will notify you about any new policies and any significant changes to existing policies; your continued use of the Platform after receiving notice of these policies or changes will constitute your agreement to comply with them.

2.1.3. Current personal information: While driving or riding or walking or sitting, you must comply with all applicable laws; this applies not just to sellers (who must obey, for example, traffic laws or general laws) but to buyers too (who must obey, for example, open-container laws or general law).

2.1.4. “Lending” of user account: You must not let someone else access or use the Platform under your user name.

2.1.5. Resale: You must not resell access to the Platform to anyone else except to the extent, if any, permitted by the applicable service plan.

2.1.6. Reverse engineering, etc.: You must not disassemble, decompile, or otherwise reverse-engineer any aspect of the Platform nor of the mobile app or other software used in providing the Platform.

2.1.7. Software limitations: You may not work around any mechanism that may be built into the Platform’s software and/or its installation routine(s) to enforce limitations such as (for example) time, geography, etc.

2.1.8. Copying, etc.:

(a) You must not make or distribute copies of, or create derivative works based on, any content provided via the Platform, other than your own content or as expressly authorized in writing by CirclesX or other owner of the content.

(b) You must not otherwise infringe anyone else’s copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property right in connection with your use of the Platform.

2.1.9. Interference: You must not interfere with others’ use of the Platform.

2.1.10. Hacking: You must not access anyone else’s information stored on the Platform without proper authorization.

(a) This prohibition encompasses seeking to trace any information about, or owned by, any other user of the Platform.

(b) This prohibition applies, but is not limited to, personal identifying information and financial information of other users of the Platform.

2.1.11. Proper identification:

(a) You must not use someone else’s user name and password to access the Platform.

(b) You must not otherwise impersonate anyone else in connection with the Platform.

(c) You must use your full, correct, legal name as shown in your valid government-issued identification (for example, your seller’s license or passport) in signing up for or accessing the Platform. (This does not rule out your use of login names or handles.)

2.1.12. Security measures: You must not probe or attempt to breach the security measures of the Platform or any network associated with it.

2.1.13. Doxing: You must not publish or otherwise disseminate information or images (personal or otherwise) about any other user of the Platform without that other user’s specific authorization.

2.1.14. Network burden: You must not take any action that unreasonably burdens the Platform, any network associated with it, or any other network associated with CirclesX. This could include, for example (but not as a limitation), bandwidth usage that CirclesX judges to be excessive.

2.1.15. Spoofing: You must not engage in spoofing, for example, disguising the origin of any transmission you send to CirclesX via the Platform or any network associated with it.

2.1.16. Access methods: You must not use a bot, screen scraper, Web crawler, or any other method to access the Platform or any content stored at the Platform, other than the user interface provided by CirclesX.

2.1.17. Export controls: You must not export or re-export goods or technical data in violation of law.

2.1.18. Harmful content: You must not use the Platform to transmit or store any of the following:

(a) viruses, Trojan horses, bots, crawlers, keystroke recorders, or other malware of any kind;

(b) information or other content owned by someone else without their permission;

(c) information used or intended to be used (i) in any unlawful manner, (ii) in connection with any unlawful purpose, or (iii) in any manner that in CirclesX’s judgment could expose CirclesX or any other user of the Platform to a risk of liability;

(d) content that is unlawful, obscene, or offensive according to the standards in the geographic community where you are using the Platform;

(e) content that violates any other acceptable-usage policy that CirclesX might publish from time to time (we will give you notice if we do so).

2.1.19. Unreasonable- or unlawful use: Without limiting your other obligations under this Agreement, you must not use the Platform:

(a) in a manner that qualifies as a nuisance;

(b) in any other unreasonable manner;

(c) in any manner that violates the law — for example, and without limitation, as part of anyone’s illegal activity; or

(d) as part of transporting hazardous materials.

2.1.20. Identification: There might be situations in which we ask you to provide some sort of proof of identity; if we do ask, you must comply with the request.

2.1.21. Filters & blocking: You must not bypass filters or blocks, for example if you are blocked by another Service user or by CirclesX.

2.1.22. Multiple accounts: You must not establish multiple user accounts to engage in one or more unreasonable actions — and without limiting this restriction, if your account is temporarily- or permanently suspended, you must not create another account.

2.1.23. No attempts, etc.: Wherever this Agreement prohibits (or restricts) you from doing something, you also must not:

(a) attempt to do it; nor

(b) induce, solicit, allow, or knowingly help anyone else to do so, whether for your benefit or otherwise.

2.1.24. Reimbursement frequency: We will pay you your earned reimbursements no less often than monthly.

2.1.25. Reimbursement limits: We reserve the right to impose minimum- and maximum limits on seller reimbursements, both per-Product and during any given time period. We will let you know if we do so in advance of your signing up to provide a Product.

2.1.26. Minimum payment threshold: We reserve the right to hold your reimbursement payments until your earned reimbursements are equal to or greater than a threshold amount that we establish from time to time.

2.1.27. Taxes: It’s your responsibility to comply with all applicable tax laws, including reporting and paying any tax you might owe for your reimbursements you receive through the CirclesX Platform. Because CirclesX provides on-line commuter matching Platform that includes a forward market for trading of Products, sellers will not be receiving a W-2 or a Form 1099-MISC from CirclesX so sellers will need to account for receipts appropriately under applicable tax laws.

2.1.28. No exclusivity: In case of doubt, this Agreement does not restrict you from buying or selling things outside the Platform.

2.1.29. Termination for nonuse: We may terminate your Platform privileges if you do not complete at least one transaction using the Platform in 12 months.

2.1.30. Legal compliance: It’s your responsibility to be sure that you comply with all applicable laws at all times: (i) whenever you use the Platform, and (ii) whenever you carry out a transaction resulting from your use of the Platform.

2.1.31. Suspension: We may temporarily or permanently suspend your access to the Platform if we have reason to believe you might not be in compliance with your obligations under this Agreement. We may in our sole discretion give you an opportunity to discuss any such suspension of access; our final decision, however, will be in our sole discretion and not appealable.

2.1.32. Breach of contract: If you violate your obligations under this Agreement, or if you don’t deliver what you promised in a transaction that you agreed to using the Platform, then you might also be liable for breach of contract.

2.1.33. 2.1.33. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to report potentially criminal conduct to law enforcement authorities and to turn over to authorities any and all potentially relevant information in our possession, including without limitation any personal information about you; YOU IRREVOCABLY CONSENT to our doing so.

2.2 General operations-related rules

2.2.1.Description of goods: Whenever you use the Platform (i) to offer goods for sale, or (ii) to arrange a delivery of goods, for example using ShipsX or CirclesX, you must accurately describe the goods.

2.2.2. Prohibited items: You must not use the Platform to offer, nor to arrange delivery of, any of the following:

o illegal materials of any kind (including but not limited to illegal drugs);

o hazardous materials;

o alcoholic beverages;

o firearms or ammunition, in any amount;

o live animals.

2.2.3. Rules for drivers:

(a) Who is a driver? A “driver” might be (i) an individual who delivers packages as an independent contractor, on a full-time or part-time basis; or (ii) a delivery services company that uses the Platform as one way of enhancing its business. For easier reading, in this section we refer to “you,” the driver, as if we were addressing an individual driver; the same terms will apply if the “driver” is a delivery service or other company.

(b) Driving directions: Our app might provide driving directions, but this is for informational purposes only; if you’re the one driving, it’ll be up to you to use your judgment to determine the best route, including making any changes that might become necessary while in route.

2.2.4. Compensation for employed users: If you use the Platform to engage in a transaction as an employee of a provider of goods or services (that is, not as an independent contractor), then your compensation for the transaction, if any, is between you and the provider; neither we nor any of our affiliates is responsible for your compensation.

2.2.5. Transaction confidentiality: Each party to a transaction must keep the fact and details of the transaction in strict confidence unless all parties to the transaction agree otherwise.

(a) This is especially true for protected health information, for example if you are a driver delivering medications for specific people.

(b) EXCEPTION: You may reveal transaction-related information to us and, strictly on an as-needed basis, to law enforcement and (in case of emergency) medical personnel.

(c) You must immediately tell us if you suspect that another party’s confidential information (including but not limited to personal health information or personal-identifying information) might have been lost, stolen, or disclosed to unauthorized persons.

2.2.6. Dangerous- or illegal situations? You must immediately tell us about any potentially -dangerous or -illegal situations that occur in the course of a transaction arranged using the Platform.

2.2.7. Chargebacks:If one Platform user causes a chargeback (for example, if a commuting rider causes a chargeback against a driver), even if the chargeback is fraudulent, we reserve the right to dock the payment for the amount of the chargeback (less a proportional docking of our commission as well).

2.2.8. Changes to the Platform: We reserve the right to change the Platform (we hope to be continually improving it) and even to discontinue the Platform entirely (although we certainly hope that won’t happen), at any time and from time to time.

2.2.9. Contact authorization: You authorize us and our affiliates to contact you via text message or email at the then-current contact information that we have on file for you. We might offer you the ability to opt out of our contacting you; if you do opt out, however, that might preclude you from using the Platform.

2.2.10. Nondiscrimination: You must not discriminate against any other Platform user on the basis of race, skin color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, marital status, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, disability (physical or mental), or medical condition.

2.3 Rules for sales of goods and shipments

2.3.1. Perishable goods, etc. (for shippers): Unless you make special arrangements with your driver, you must not use the Platform to ship perishable goods or items that require special temperature control (for example, refrigeration).

2.3.2. Shipment security (for drivers): If you are delivering a shipment arranged using the Platform, you must not open the shipment without the shipper’s permission unless you reasonably believe that the shipment might pose a danger to people or property.

2.3.3. Photos of goods and other shipments:

(a) For all users involved in sales of goods and shipments: You agree that photos of goods at pickup, in transit, and at delivery, may be taken and stored on the Platform, to help confirm shipment and delivery in case any questions arise.

(b) For shippers: For your protection, you should photograph each shipment before turning it over to the driver; if you do not do so, then you WAIVE any claim to damage or non-delivery of the shipment. You authorize the driver to photograph your shipment and to upload each photo to the Platform to be stored with our record of the shipment.

(c) For shipment drivers: In part to help protect yourself, you must take a picture of each shipment as soon as you pick it up and as you deliver it; upload each picture to the Platform to be stored with our record of the shipment. IN ADDITION, If you leave a shipment at the delivery address without having someone sign for it, you must take a picture of the shipment where you left it and upload the picture to the Platform.

2.3.4. Inspections (for sellers of goods and shippers): You authorize us: (i) to open, inspect, and/or X-ray or otherwise scan, any shipments that you arrange using the Platform, and (ii) to authorize law-enforcement and other emergency personnel to do the same.

2.3.5. Shipment suspicions:

(a) For drivers: If you suspect that a shipment might contain one or more prohibited items, you must contact us immediately; DO NOT contact the shipper about it.

(b) For sellers of goods and shippers: If we have reason to believe that a shipment might contain items prohibited by this Agreement or by law, then we may notify the driver and encourage the driver to do one or more of the following: (i) return the shipment to you; (ii) notify law enforcement or other emergency personnel; and/or (iii) seek other appropriate guidance.

2.3.6. Return of shipments (for sellers of goods and shippers): We may direct the driver to return a shipment to you if in our judgment it would be prudent to do so.

2.3.7. Disclosure of information: You authorize us to disclose information about your shipment to law enforcement and/or to emergency- and medical personnel if necessary in our judgment

2.4 Rules for SeatsX or CirclesX commuters

2.4.1. Commuting restrictions (for drivers and riders): You must not seek rides or riders, nor actually accept or give rides, using the Platform unless you are in compliance with all of the requirements of this Agreement that apply to you as a driver or rider.

2.4.2. Commitment to provide rides (for drivers): If you’re a driver and you don’t provide a ride that you previously committed to providing, you could lose some money unless you have “traded” the trip to another Platform user — and if you do it too many times, we might need to reevaluate your Platform user privileges .

2.5 Off Platform Communication Rules

2.5.1 Platform buyers and sellers may not communicate off Platform:  You must not communicate with Platform buyers or sellers in any format or method off of the Platform messaging systems or phone systems with respect to Platform Product(s).
2.5.2 Platform buyers and sellers may not solicit each other off Platform: Platform buyers and seller (You), must not solicit other buyers or sellers in any method for any Product on the Platform.
2.5.3 Platform Product “side deals” are prohibited:  You must not create, modify or commence “side deals” with respect to Platform Product with other Platform buyers and sellers.  Platform transactions are governed in their entirety by Platform Terms Of Use and Trading Platform General Terms and Conditions and other Platform Trading Agreements which are governed by CirclesX.

2.6 Rules for the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund

2.6.1. Participants in the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund: Must have agreed to the Sale, License, Declaration and Assignment Agreement.

3.0 Limitations and disclaimers of liability

3.1 Warranty disclaimer

3.1.1. NO WARRANTIES. CirclesX — for itself, its suppliers, and the CirclesX Protected Group, defined below — DISCLAIMS all warranties, representations, conditions, and terms of quality, whether express or implied, for: (i) the Platform itself; (ii) the software, mobile or otherwise, used to access the Platform; and (iii) the transaction(s) that you arrange using the Platform.



(a) General limitation: To the extent permitted by law, the total liability of CirclesX Protected Group for any claim is limited to $100 USD. You agree that NO ONE IN THE CIRCLESX PROTECTED GROUP (defined below) WILL EVER OWE YOU MORE THAN THAT AMOUNT FOR ANY CLAIM OF HARM TO YOUR PERSON OR PROPERTY— of any kind, and under any kind of legal theory — that might arise out of or relate to (i) this Agreement, and/or (ii) your use of the Platform as a seller and/or as a buyer.

(b) Special limitation of liability for shipments: The MAXIMUM TOTAL LIABILITY of all members of the CirclesX Protected Group, combined, for damage to, or loss or non-delivery of, any shipment of goods arranged using shipping-related features of the Platform — from any and all causes, and under any and all legal- and equitable theories — will be USD $500.00 in the aggregate. For this purpose, the term “shipment” refers collectively to all items shipped, using the Platform, in a single delivery trip.

3.1.4.Disclaimer of Consequential, Punitive or Special Damages: You WAIVE any and all claims for consequential, incidental, punitive, exemplary, or special damages. For added clarity, “consequential” damages refers to monetary loss from “uncommon harm,” i.e., harm that might have been foreseeable but that would not normally be expected to occur in the usual course of things; all such damages are WAIVED even if any member of the CirclesX Protected Group had reason to know, or actually knew, of the possibility of the uncommon harm.

3.1.5. California release law: You WAIVE any applicable benefit of Section 1542 of the California Civil Code, which states: “A general release does not extend to claims that the creditor or releasing party does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor at the time of executing the release and that, if known by him or her, would have materially affected his or her settlement with the debtor or released party.”

3.2 Other liability-limitation matters

3.2.1. Definition: The term CirclesX Protected Group” refers to:

(a) CirclesX itself;

(b) its parent company or companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates, if any (to be interpreted in the broadest possible manner); and

(c) the officers, directors, employees, managers, members, partners, limited partners, agents and owners of each of the individuals and organizations listed in subdivisions (a) and (b).

3.2.2. Expanded application: The warranty disclaimer and limitations of liability of this section 4 are intended to be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law:

(a) regardless whether the relevant claim or claims for monetary relief are based on rights under this Agreement; the law; or any other theory or argument;

(b) regardless whether any member of the CirclesX Protected Group knew or should have known about a particular risk;

(c) independently of one another, even if any particular remedy is held to have failed of its essential purpose.

3.2.3. Consumer law: Depending on the applicable law, some of the provisions of this section 4 might not apply to you.

4.0 General provisions

4.1 Amendment of this Agreement

4.1.1. CirclesX revision of this Agreement: We may revise any part or parts of this Agreement from time to time (but on a going-forward basis only).

(a) We will attempt to notify you of any revision to this Agreement by email and/or on the mobile app at least five business days before the effective date of the revision; we will specify that date in the notification. (If we need to revise this Agreement for legal reasons or to accommodate new functions or features of the Platform or its software, the revisions will take effect as soon as we make the notification.)

(b) If you do not wish to agree to the revision, you must cease using the Platform; if you do cease using the Platform, then the revision to this Agreement will not go into effect as to you.

(c) Otherwise, except as provided below, if you do use the Platform on or after the effective date of the revision, then that will constitute your agreement to the revision, and the revised Agreement will take effect retroactively as of the effective date of the revision specified in the notification.

4.1.2. Exception: If, before the effective date of a CirclesX revision to this Agreement, you have notified us of a claim against CirclesX by you, then:

(a) You may advise us by email, no later than that effective date, that you wish for the claim to be controlled by the pre-revision version of this Agreement, in which case it will be so.

(b) Your email under subdivision (a) must be from the email address that we have on file for you as a user of the Platform.

(c) If you do not so advise us, then the revised version of this Agreement will govern your claim.

4.1.3. May you modify this Agreement? No, unless an authorized representative CirclesX agrees in writing.

4.2 Intellectual property

4.2.1. Who owns the copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property associated with the Platform? Not you. (This might seem flippant, but it’s succinct, which helps keep the length of this document down.) Among other things, this means that you must not use any content or trademarks on the Platform without permission from its owner.

4.3 Arbitration

4.3.1. Arbitration requirement:

(a) Any “Covered Dispute” (defined in section 4.3.9) is to be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the Consumer Arbitration Rules (“Rules”) of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) in effect as of the date the demand for arbitration is submitted to the AAA.

(b) The Rules are available at www.adr.org; the current version of the Rules (as of the version date of this Agreement) can be found at https://www.adr.org/sites/default/files/Consumer Rules.pdf.

(c) (c) Rule R-9 of the AAA Consumer Arbitration Rules provides a procedure for a party to opt out of arbitration for small claims; if either you or we opt out of arbitration under that rule, then the Covered Dispute is to be brought exclusively in a small-claims court in the seat of the county of your residence at the time the dispute arose.

4.3.2. Final-offer (“baseball”) arbitration:

(a) All Covered Disputes heard by an arbitral tribunal are to be decided in accordance with the supplementary rules for final-offer arbitration of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (“ICDR,” a division of the AAA); as of the date of this Agreement those rules can be found at ADR Final

(b) If the Covered Dispute is heard by a small-claims court under AAA Consumer Rule R-9: You and we jointly request that the court decide the dispute by selecting from the parties’ final offers substantially in accordance with the ICDR supplementary rules referred to in subdivision (a).

4.3.3. Streamlining: The arbitration tribunal is authorized and directed to take all reasonable steps to expedite and streamline the arbitration proceedings while giving each party a fair opportunity to present evidence, including but not limited to granting judgment on the pleadings and/or partial- or complete summary judgment when warranted by the facts and the law.

4.3.4. Class- or collection-action arbitration is not allowed.

4.3.5. Limitation on arbitrator authority: The arbitral tribunal will have no power:

(a) to award punitive damages, exemplary damages, multiple (e.g., treble) damages, consequential damages, or similar relief; nor

(b) to order punitive sanctions against a party, in respect of an issue (or multiple issues), in the form of (i) preclusion of evidence or defense concerning the issue; or (ii) entry of judgment concerning the issue.

4.3.6. Delegation: Any determination of arbitrability — including without limitation any determination whether this arbitration agreement is enforceable and whether class- or collective-action arbitration is allowed for a particular dispute — is delegated to the arbitration tribunal.

4.3.7. Preliminary relief: We (or any of our affiliates owning intellectual property used in the Platform) may apply to any court for an injunction or other relief to protect intellectual property rights without waiving the right to compel arbitration.

4.3.8. Definition: The term “Covered Dispute” refers to any action or other dispute, in any forum, arising out of or relating to this Agreement or any transaction, or relationship, or occurrence resulting from it. ; In case of doubt, the term encompasses, without limitation, any and all claims that either you or we might bring, such as (again, without limitation) any claim of fraudulent inducement to enter into the Agreement generally and/or into this arbitration agreement specifically.

4.4 Other provisions

4.4.1. Assignment of this Agreement: You may not assign this Agreement, nor any right under it, without our prior written consent, which we may grant or withhold in our sole discretion. We may assign this Agreement in our sole discretion.

4.4.2. Enforceability: If one or more terms in this Agreement is held to be unenforceable, that won’t affect the enforceability of the remaining terms.

4.4.3. Entire agreement: This Agreement is the entire, final, and exclusive agreement between you and us concerning your use of the Platform and our responsibility for it; any prior discussions between us, whether oral or written, are superseded by this Agreement.

(From time to time we might (in our sole discretion) create special offers for things such as (for example) reward programs; referral programs; and the like. Such programs, if any, will be subject to this Agreement and to any supplemental terms that we announce in connection with the relevant offer.)

NOTE: The trading features available on the Platform are governed by the   Trading Platform General Terms and Conditions.

4.4.4. Forum selection: Any Covered Dispute (defined in section 4.3.9) that is not required to be arbitrated — notably but not exclusively, actions to confirm or vacate an arbitration award — or brought in a small-claims court (see section 4.3.1(c)) must be brought and maintained exclusively in the courts having jurisdiction in Houston, Harris County, Texas; each party submits to the jurisdiction of those courts for this purpose. If applicable law would not allow jurisdiction there, then the courts having jurisdiction in the largest city in the state of your residence will have exclusive jurisdiction.

4.4.5. Governing law: This Agreement is to be governed and enforced, and any Covered Dispute (defined in section 4.3.9) is to be decided, in accordance with the internal laws of the State of Texas that would apply to contracts made and performed entirely in Texas by residents of that state. NOTE: See the   Trading Platform General Terms and Conditions for the law governing the trading-features agreement.

4.4.6. Parties’ relationship: Because the Platform is a “forward market,” sellers will not be receiving a W-2 or a Form 1099-MISC from CirclesX; you acknowledge that you are not entitled to any benefits from CirclesX or any related company, apart from any reimbursements due to you under this Agreement.

4.4.7. Language: By express agreement of the parties, this Agreement is written in and shall be interpreted for all purposes in accordance with the English language as used in the United States of America. (French translation: Les parties conviennent expresssément que le présent Accord ainsi que toutes ses annexes seront rédigés en langue Anglaise et interprétés par référence à la terminologie utilisée aux Etats-Unis.)

4.4.8. No collusion: You must not permit or knowingly help a third party to do something that this Agreement prohibits you from doing.

4.4.9. Personal information : You agree that we may store and use your personal information as stated in the CirclesX privacy policy at Privacy Policy.

4.4.10. Reliance disclaimer: You acknowledge that you are not relying — and you agree not to rely — on any representation, warranty, recommendation, advice, statement, or other communication, written or oral, by us, OTHER THAN those expressly stated in this Agreement.

4.4.11. Termination for breach: CirclesX may terminate your Platform privileges (in addition to any other remedies) if you fail to comply with this Agreement.

4.4.12. Third-party beneficiaries: Neither you nor we intend to confer benefits on any third parties.

4.4.13. Third-party content: From time to time we might display third-party content as part of the Platform (for example, traffic- or weather information). WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any inaccuracies or other issues with such third-party content. We reserve the right to remove such content in our sole discretion, but we do not commit to screening or policing such content.

4.4.14. User-to-user disputes: We have no obligation to “referee” or otherwise get involved in any dispute between two Platform users.

4.4.15. Waivers: If you don’t comply with this Agreement on a particular occasion and we “let it go,” we will still have the right to take action for any future compliance failure.