From Protein Doping with Natural Foods to Targeted Immunotherapy

Targeted Immunotherapy on Cancer Cells

Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's

Foodie Body personalizes your food search with your lab chemistry

Foodie Body has developed a way for people to search not based on location and past search queries, but rather on their personal chemistry and bioinformatics.

Have you ever wanted a meal that was designed for your chemistry? Foodie Body makes that happen by producing search results over meal food chemistry optimized for your personal chemistry. We eat three or more times a day, so why shouldn't that experience be full of chemistry and love. Health Blockchain is designed where users own their data and earn along the way.


Vietnamese Pho

Vietnamese Pho Nutrition Unpacked How can Vietnamese Pho help me with my health needs? Ingredients in Vietnamese Pho can vary dramatically based on regional and

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