CirclesX Claim Cloud

CirclesX Claim Cloud CirclesX Claim Cloud has developed a new way to use IoT device data in claim recovery. CirclesX claim recovery technology provides a

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Celebrating Centenarians

Celebrating Centenarians Living your best life past age 65 is even better than drinking a fine bottle of wine of first growth vintage.  The famous

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Holistic Health

Holistic Health While some choose a term such as Integrative Medicine (IM), which is a form healing –  oriented medicine that takes account of the

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Vietnamese Pho

Vietnamese Pho Nutrition Unpacked How can Vietnamese Pho help me with my health needs? Ingredients in Vietnamese Pho can vary dramatically based on regional and

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Epigenetics How what you eat effects your genes? Did you know it is not just what you eat and how it effects you, but what

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Hippocratic oath

Hippocratic Oath Today, only 3 or 128 Medical Schools use the original version of the Oath. The oldest partial fragments of the oath date to

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Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea Serves: 6 Steep Time: 20 Minutes Prep Time: 20 min Calories: 14 Hibiscus tea, also called Sorrell tea or “sour tea” is a

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Statins and Science Foody Body bioinformatics

Statins and Science?

Statins and Science? One of the top selling drugs of all time is Lipitor.  Lipitor is the chemical compound of Atorvastatin calcium marketed by Viatris

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CirclesX Water Exchange Platform


Water Serves: Unlimited Cook Time: None Prep Time: None Calories: 0 What is really in your bottled water?  Consumer reports found toxic PFAS chemicals

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Heavy Metals Research Foodie Body Bioinformatics

Heavy Metals Assessment

Laboratory Tests to Assess Heavy Metals Exposures Foodie Body has developed a way for people to search not based on location and past search queries,

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Foodie Body Search

Foodie Body personalizes your food search with your lab chemistry Foodie Body has developed a way for people to search not based on location and

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CirclesX Geolocation Social Exchange Platform

Collaborate to make a difference

Wall Street online platforms have not changed their basic method since the late 1990s.  CirclesX has improved Wall Street grade exchanges with modern social networking

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