Wall Street online platforms have not changed their basic method since the late 1990s.  CirclesX has improved Wall Street grade exchanges with modern social networking and mapping to bring platform solutions to companies from sectors including transit, oil and gas, retail, electricity, medical, education, manufacturing, chemicals, equipment and more.

Entirely new markets have been created by companies innovating with CirclesX.

Texas Power Blackouts 2021 from Winter Storm Uri Case Study:

Problem:14 million customers has their power turned off without choice in February 2021 by a plurality of actors from the electric grid operator to retail electric providers to utilities to generators to fuel providers.  14 million homes and business had water pipes burst which caused immeasurable damage to home and business owners, not to mention business losses and loss of housing and business operations and shelter.  Most claims will fail if not properly vetted for cause with real data from utilities, power operators, fuel providers and homes and businesses which sustained losses.

Solution: VaultsX Series I LP (a CirclesX platform company) will buy your validated claim and help organize the legal blockchain data set with patented methods which are a step above traditional recovery methods.  Don’t risk joining forces with an inadequate team in recovering your loss.  Make a free account on CirclesX.com and our team will help you move quickly to recovery.  Once your claim has been purchased you will receive $100 in your account if the case is won or lost and 50% of gross recovery proceeds for your claim share.  Funds may be withdrawn upon validation and settlement.


Electricity Industry Case Study:

Problem:Global pandemic forced electricity and natural gas sales down 5% YOY.  Commercial and Industrial generation was threatened to permanently change with distributed work forces telecommuting.

Solution: Create the industry platform for distributed electricity generation and natural gas for commercial and industrial space. More solutions for customers and better customer relationships. Sales ended up growing 10% YOY while the industry was down 5% YOY.
Insurance Weather Market Case Study:
Problem: Weather risks continue to escalate with climate change.  Former B to B risks changing from centralized generation to distributed generation so the weather risk is being shifted to consumer markets.  However no weather consumer platform exists.
Solution:  Create the industry platform for managing weather risks for both wholesale and retail levels.  Sales ended up growing 10% YOY while the industry was down 15% YOY.

Oil and Gas Case Study:

Problem: Global pandemic forced gasoline sales down 15% YOY. Excess capacity. Threats from electric vehicles taking market share from gasoline. No unified digital platform to move liquids in the industry.

Solution: Create the industry platform for moving butane, condensate and other liquids during the downturn to fill excess capacity and win market share while helping the industry create a platform. Sales ended up growing 10% YOY while the industry was down 15% YOY.

Retail Grocery Case Study:
Problem: Global pandemic forced grocery shoppers online.  Non-online and no delivery stores see sales down 10% YOY.  No delivery solution at reasonable price.
Solution:  Created rapid delivery exchange market to deliver online groceries. Sales ended up growing 10% YOY while the industry was down 10% YOY.


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