Celebrating Centenarians

Living your best life past age 65 is even better than drinking a fine bottle of wine of first growth vintage.  The famous management scientist Peter Drucker once said, “it was not until I was 65 when I figured things out!” In fact, Peter Drucker actual wrote two-thirds of his 40+ books after the age of 65.  Peter is a great example of someone who actually “accelerated” between age 65 and age 95.

Peter famously coined the term “knowledge worker” as a phrase to describe work post WWII.

In our “Celebrating Centenarians” piece we will highlight the foods and habits that help us excel in our lives past the age of 65.

From Beet Pesto to Cashew Pesto, delight your palette with these fresh dishes that will leave you thinking that you could eat this everyday for the rest of your life on your way to one hundred years old!

Sweet Potato Stew by Foodie Body.

How do we live a life that may be counter cultural?

As we can observe from the data above, many doctors are simply not qualified to to make the decisions they make (be it for immoral hazard or lack of training). Certainly some are qualified, but to see a doctor recommend a course of preventative treatment while foregoing prescription revenue and follow up visit revenue is nearly unheard of.  Paying a doctor if your treatment is successful would help correct the immoral hazard, but have you ever had a doctor offer you such a proposition?  More likely they make sure you have some money left in your property assets before they help move you to palliative care to make sure your inheritance to your children has been wiped out.  If this angers a physician, take the other side and only pay yourself if your patient improves from a standard you both agree upon.  Such a proposition would be viewed as welcome from your patients.

Assuming physicians won’t be part of the solution (which we welcome them being part of the solution), a viable solution is insurance with biometric testing to provide incentives for holistic health performance.  While people don’t follow diets, they do perform for money.

Our solutions with CirclesX Health provide such incentivized solutions and the technology to assist in the search and delivery of food to help the body heal.  We help align dietary, exercise, sleep, walking patterns with health outcomes that will target “Foodie Body Zone” Membership rewards.

While we are not adverse to science based medicine backed by independent data proving a superior outcome to preventative care, it is the responsibility of the physician to present this to the patient with indpendent data, not because the pharma rep brought lunch or reviewed a study by the seller which has not been vetted by independent peers.

Nutrition Unpacked

Foodie Body search engine on the CirclesX platform helps users upload their latest labs in PDF or electronic format in their user profile.  Once your labs are uploaded and associated with your profile, the search engine will recommend recipes and food for delivery which are optimized for your biochemistry.

Research Foodie Body Bioinformatics


Increasingly, researcher are verifying that cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s are metabolic.

Eat foods such as nuts, dark green leafy greens, sweet potatoes and avocado to get more vitamin E in your meals.  Vitamin E is known to boost immunoglobulins.  As diet and our trips to the grocery store tend to be based on “System 1” thinking where we see words that may seem healthy, we really need to approach our eating using our “System 2” thinking.  While looking at a nutrition label may seem like multiplying 24 x 57 in your head (we can’t do this using system 1 thinking), we have designed Foodie Body Search so that you upload your blood labs and then just type a food and the system does all the “System 2” math for you.  The benefit is you can get an instant “System 1” decision or information quickly, while outsourcing all the “System 2” math to the Foodie Body Search engine.

Disease Prevention

Customized Solutions for your body and chemistry

Just as epigenetics can cause issues such as metabolic syndrome, cancer, heart disease, mental disorders, auto-immune disease and diabetes, food can also ameliorate these conditions. To learn more on if the first steps of a plant based whole foods plan are right for you create a free account and review the 30 day Foodie Body plan.  There is no charge to participate and the search engine will customize your food results to help improve your independently verified labs.  Consult your physician before commencing on a dietary change to ensure it is right for you.


Celebrating Centenarians

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