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Every day your people reduce carbon in multiple ways. It’s time you got credit for it. And profits. Connect to the Virtual Transportation Carbon Credits Platform from CirclesX.

Every time someone in your organization joins a virtual meeting, takes public transportation, car pools or uses smart parking and tolling, that person is reducing the carbon being released into the atmosphere. The Virtual Transportation Carbon Credits platform tracks those carbon reductions in real time and turns them into valuable assets that you can apply to your ESG initiatives or sell to polluters who need the credits.


CirclesX Claim Cloud

CirclesX Claim Cloud CirclesX Claim Cloud has developed a new way to use IoT device data in claim recovery. CirclesX claim recovery technology provides a

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Celebrating Centenarians

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Holistic Health

Holistic Health While some choose a term such as Integrative Medicine (IM), which is a form healing –  oriented medicine that takes account of the

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